We've not come to bring peace, but unapologetic food experiences.

About us

We've only just begun, but with a big ambition - to constantly intrigue you and leave you wondering what we've got planned next.

We create unique food experiences, where chefs have the freedom to produce what they are really passionate about. Unleashing one's creativity not only instigates people's curiosity, but opens up new possibilities and quests.

Our events are categorized into series, just like Netflix series, and each episode offers a new experience - a different dish, flavour or guest chef. These events are hosted at partner restaurants and venues and we hope to build a portfolio of series in the near future, so you don't fall short of options.

Get in touch!

Are you a chef who would like to showcase your hidden talent? Or a restaurant looking to host one of our events?

Please write to us, all ideas are welcome :)